Scientific Scope

Electrochemical processes play a key role in almost all aspects of the quality of our life, including energy, environment, health, materials and information technologies. In order to ensure the on-going and future sustainable progress, continuous development of solid fundamental sciences as well as cutting edge technologies with new aspects and challenges are required. The aim of this meeting is to provide a forum for both scientists and engineers who are engaging in these fields, especially with the aspects of materials engineering and process optimization for the electrified solid/liquid interfaces, such as electrode surfaces for energy devices and sensors, electrochemical fabrication and diagnosis processes. The topics of this meeting will cover various areas of electrochemical approaches for functional materials, such as micro/nano structuring of electrode surfaces and interfaces including electrochemical deposition and etching processes, experimental and theoretical analyses and characterization for the surfaces and interfaces, approaches for mathematical modeling and simulation, process development and optimization for engineering and industrial applications for both large scale systems and micro reactors.